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The Philadelphia Jacks Video Meat-up Parties • 6 or 7 online events each month



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Help us to keep it up!
We hope you'll consider making a contribution to help us to cover the $2000 per month that we need to cover the rent and expenses for the Jacks play space, and to keep these online video meat-ups going.

Our in-person parties are $15, with guys paying more or less than that, depending on what they can afford. Any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated.


We operate on the honor system, so this is your opportunity to demonstrate how honorable you are.
Please contribute $10 to join the online video party (more, if you can afford it, less if you can't, but please contribute something)

Our next event is:
Sunday Evening, Sept. 19th, 2021 - 7:30 PM to between 9 and 9:30 PM US/Eastern time
(If you're in a different part of the world you can check here if you're unsure of our time.)

Those fuckers at Paypal cancelled our account for no good reason, so we're working on alternate payment methods for contributions.
You can use any of the payment methods below to make a general contribution, or to contribute for a party you plan to attend.

Contribute With Eventbrite:

eventbrite logo We're offering donation-style, set-your-own-price tickets on where you can pay with a credit or debit card, or whatever other options they are offering. You can pay any amount that you choose (though we do have to pay fees for these, so please make it at least $5). Once you complete your payment you'll get a link for the party, or a "Thanks!" email if you're making a general contribution. Click here to make a contribution with Eventbrite.

our Apple Pay account:

Cash App QR codeSORRY! We're having trouble with our ApplePay account and will put the payment info back up on here when it's all straightened out.


our Google Pay account:

Cash App QR code• If you're set up for Google Pay you can can contribute any amount to
Once you've completed your payment, you can scroll down on this page for links to the page with the party link and password.



our Cash App account:

Cash App QR code You can contribute any amount using your Cash App account - just scan the code or find $philajack at$philajack. Once you've completed your payment, you can scroll down on this page for links to the page with the party link and password.
Cash App doesn't have any way to send messages inside the app, so: if you have any problems with or questions about a contribution, please send us an email


our Zelle account:

zelle logo Zelle allows you to securely send a contribution to us directly from your bank account (if your bank has zelle as an option) or using the zelle app: with a Visa or Mastercard debit card that draws funds from a US bank.

You can send money to our email address:

or our Jacks phone line: 1-215-607-5343

The name on the account that you'll see when sending us money via Zelle is: zelle logo
Once you've completed your payment, you can scroll down on this page for links to the page with the party link and password.



our Venmo account:

venmo QR code • Sorry for the inconvenience! Venmo (which is owned by Paypal) closed our account; not because of any problems with our transactions, but because of "the nature of our activities". We certainly can't have consenting adults enjoying consensual pleasures with other consenting adults, right?

Most of our contributions were coming in via venmo, so we hope you'll look at our other options and figure out another way to contribute so we can keep the events going!



If you'd like to contribute anonymously
many stores -- pharmacies, supermarkets, big-box stores, etc. -- sell debit cards. If you pay cash for them they're essentially untraceable, and they can be used with Venmo, or mailed to us so we can pay for some of our expenses. Some of these stores -- and banks and US Post Office locations -- also sell money orders. You can mail either of these to us at the address below.


If you'd like to mail a check please make it out to:


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Don't have a link for the party?
What kind of man are you?
Are you in the 80% of our party attendees who decide not to contribute?
Our honor system addmissions policy can only work if you are willing to act honorably

Please choose one:

• I can afford to make a contribution, but I have somehow rationalised not showing my appreciation to the men who put a huge amount of work into making these events - which bring so much pleasure into my life - happen.


• I made a contribution for this event but didn't get the link for the party.


• I really, honestly can not afford to make even a small contribution, but I know the Jacks want everyone to have a great time and would never turn anyone away for lack of funds, so I'd still like to join the party.

If these links are not working you may need to reload this page. The links will only work during our events.



Send any questions or comments to site-map: