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The Philadelphia Jacks

Penis Pleasure Parties for men 18 and over. Mutual, group and solo jack-off events featuring plenty of of fun, friendly, hot body contact with no sucking or fucking.

Frequently asked questions:

Where are the parties held?

All of our parties happen in our new location on CHESTNUT STREET in Center City Philadelphia. Our building number is 723 and we put a sign on our door during our events, so it's easy to find. (on CHESTNUT STREET between Seventh and Eighth Streets, on the north side of the street.

PLEASE NOTE! The club is only open during our 5 or 6 monthly parties - check here on the Website or call 215-607-5343 -- any time -- for party dates and times.

How do I get to be a member?

It's simple: come to a party, and you're a member! All men 18 and over (and we do ask younger men for proof of age) are welcome at Jacks parties. Before you enter the party, we'll ask you to sign a form stating that you understand that the event will involve nudity and sexual activity, and that cock-sucking and anal contact of any kind are not allowed. We don't keep any record of your identity beyond your signature on the sign-in sheet and have no membership list.

What are the Jacks rules?

Our most basic guidelines are; take off your pants, pull out your dick, slap on some lube (if you like lube) and have a great time. Cock-stroking (your own and/or as many other other men's as you can handle), kissing, massage, nipple-play, rubbing, maybe a little spanking (if you're into that), and anything else that follows our simple rules: There's no oral-genital contact (cock-sucking, ball-licking, etc.), no cum in or around mouths or assholes, and no contact of any kind with anybody's asshole, including your own. The rules are strictly enforced.

Do the Jacks meet on a regular schedule

YES! We meet 5 or 6 times times every month - visit the SCHEDULE PAGE for info about our calendar and the options we offer to help you to keep up with our schedule. You can also join our EMAIL LIST to receive party schedules and announcements.

How much does it cost?

Philly Jacks is an all-volunteer organization, but we've got rent and expenses to pay, so we ask for a fifteen dollar donation for the parties. Because of rising rents in Center City (our rent has more-than doubled since we started here!), we ask men who can afford it to pay the full $15 (or more - any extra you give us helps to cover the guys who can't afford the full donation) for each party.
If the suggested donation is a problem for you, please send a message to us, or talk with the money guy at the party and we'll work with guys who are cash-strapped to make it possible for them to attend - we want everyone to have a great time! We hope you'll show respect for the work we do by paying what you can really afford, not as little as you think you can get away with ;)
Your donations allow us to keep the Jacks going, and help to provide office and work space for organizations fighting for the rights of people with AIDS.

Is this legal?

Jacks parties are private events for consenting adults. Before we started the club we consulted with a lawyer who helped to draft the release we ask each man to sign before he enters the Jacks space, stating that he understands and is not offended by the nature of the event. We don't serve alcohol and we ask members to refrain from illegal drug use in the space. Since our beginnings in the early '90s we have had NO legal problems of any kind and assume that anyone from the City who knows about the parties understands that we're providing a valuable service as the only regular, purely safe-sex venue for men in Philadelphia.

How do I get there? Is there parking nearby?

Check out our Maps And Directions page for travel and parking info.

How come the doors are only open for an hour?

Having the doors open for an hour at the beginning of the party means we get enough men to get the party going right away, and it does start right away! If you don't want to miss any action you should show up as early as possible. If you like to dive in to it after it's going full-steam (or if you're feeling kind of shy or intimidated and want to blend into the crowd a little more) then you might wait 20 minutes or a half-hour. We do let guys who can't get here earlier into the party after the official door-closing, but you're missing a lot of action! Parties usually last 2 to 3 hours.

Why don't you allow cock-sucking at the parties - that's safe, isn't it?

Two reasons:

First and foremost; we love jacking-off with other men! There's just something special about J/O parties that's different from anything-goes sex parties. The atmosphere tends to be much more friendly and relaxed - maybe because there's a feeling that there's less at stake - and there's more of a sense of group cohesion. Some of us have memories of (real or fantasized) circle-jerks that the parties key into and that is HOT. Jacking off together isn't a substitute for "real sex" it IS real sex.

And then there's safety. One of our goals is to provide a space where men of all sexual orientations can enjoy the excitement and energy of group sex without having to worry about sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). While HIV is not the automatic death-sentence it once was, it still has dangerous long-term health effects and - yes - it does still kill people, even with the successful drug treatments available now. It's also a reminder that new STIs could be popping up at any time.
Sucking cock isn't a high-risk activity for HIV transmission but it isn't risk-free and it IS a great way to transmit other STIs. As people's attitudes about what they feel safe doing have changed over the last few years there has been a large increase in STI transmission, including HIV. A large percentage of recently-infected men don't know that they are HIV-positive and continue to have sex that can transmit the virus during the highly-infectious months after seroconversion, raising the potential risks of relatively low-risk activities like cocksucking.
As adults we all have a right to decide what level of risk we're comfortable with when it comes to sex. The Jacks provides a space for men who want to avoid infecting themselves - and others - with STIs while still providing hot, sweaty man-to-man action 4 times every month

Will there be guys there I'll be interested in? What kind of men come to the parties?

All men eighteen and over are welcome at Philadelphia Jacks events, and we get men of all descriptions at our parties. If you're looking for a group where all the men are one type then the Jacks is probably not for you. If you enjoy diversity or are happy just focusing on the guys who are your type in a diverse crowd then we're the ticket. Every party is different, but at most parties the majority of guys are in 30-60 age range, with some younger and older guys. We get a mix of races/ethnicities and physical types. Most importantly; the Jacks men are friendly, relaxed and HORNY!

What about sexual orientation - is this just for gay men?

We get plenty of Bi and Straight-identified guys at the parties - we're all about pleasure, not orientation. All open-minded, pleasure-seeking men are welcome - we don't ask any questions about your orientation. If you're curious or interested but have never had any experiences with other men, our parties are a GREAT way to explore and enjoy! You'll need to be comfortable in a room full of horny, excited guys - kind of like a locker room, but with more hard-ons. You'll probably be approached, and it's up to you to decide whether you want to get physical or not, and to communicate that in a polite, friendly way. Come and check it out, man - it's really fun!
If you're exploring and want a good introduction to the worlds of man-on-man sex you can also check out a book by the guy who runs our brother club in Melbourne Australia, The Melbourne Wankers:

The Versatile Husband - Click Here to Order

What if men who I'm not interested in put the moves on me?

Parties are really relaxed and friendly with very little attitude. If guys approach you and you're not interested we ask that you be polite (that's part of the no-attitude atmosphere) and just let them know that you're not interested. If you just want to watch at first (or always) just say "thanks, but I just want to watch for a while". If you're playing with a guy or guys and someone else wants to join in and you're not interested just say "no thanks" (and a smile is nice). The play room is very large (20 X 60 feet) so there's plenty of room to be in your own space if that's what you want. "No thanks" usually works just fine. If you get somebody who's really persistent (it's rare but it happens) then gently pushing away unwanted hands (or whatever) is OK too. If he doesn't get the message, try a few polite but forceful words like "Hey, thanks, but I'm really not interested". As long as you're willing to be clear you shouldn't have any problems. It is very rare, but If you feel that someone is not acting in this spirit then we encourage you to come out to the clothes-check and talk with one of the organizers about it.

I want to go to a J.O. Party, but what if I see people I know?

If you see them at a Jacks party, then they're there for exactly the same reason you are; they want to get off. If they're right there in front of you and you don't want them to watch, then you can go to another part of the playroom (it's big! 20 X 60 feet). Remember; they can't dish dirt about you without letting people know that they were at the party too. Relax and enjoy!

Is it normal to be self-conscious about the size of my cock (or my weight, or height, or another physical attribute)?

We live in a culture that is constantly telling us that we aren't thin/tall/built/handsome/etc. enough - mostly to keep us insecure so we'll be good consumers who are easy to control. So - yes - sadly, it is perfectly normal to feel self-conscious about your appearance, but - Please! - don't let that keep you from joining us! One of the great joys of the Jacks experience is the tremendous diversity of the men who attend, and if you keep your eyes open, you'll see that physical appearance has little to do with how much fun any one man has during the parties. A positive, friendly, open attitude is the thing that's going to get you a great Jacks experience - not a huge cock or six-pack abs.

What should I wear/bring?

There is a clothing check with an attendant, so it's fine to bring your wallet or other valuables. We ask that you at least remove your pants: wearing underwear, a towel, jockstrap, leather or latex gear is fine - we just don't want guys in street clothes (except at our occasional "Keep Your Pants On" (optional) Theme Parties).
We provide: lots of naked men with hard cocks, and a playroom with porn videos, couches, chairs, massage tables, and areas with more and less light (there are no completely dark areas and no booths or other completely private spaces). We have spring water and snacks; you might want to bring a towel for cleaning up afterwards (most guys don't bother; we provide paper towels), lube if you have a favorite kind (we provide plenty of water-based lube), and a non-alcoholic beverage. You'll put your clothes in a bag, give it to the attendant, and head into the playroom! (the floors get pretty messy, so most guys keep their shoes on). The clothes-check is watched by an attendant at all times, so you don't need to worry about the safety of your stuff.
Because so many cell phones have cameras in them we can not allow cell phone (or any other device with a camera) use in the Jacks space. If you need to use your phone we ask that you take it down onto the stairs or outside. Phones can never be taken into the play-room and must be left inside your clothes-check bag.

Can I bring my favorite sex toys?

Jacks rules don't allow any kind of contact with anyone's asshole, including your own so if it's a butt toy - sorry - ya gotta leave it at home. Cock toys: sleeves, pumps, those flashlight-like things etc, are just fine. As long as is doesn't violate our guidlines for safe play feel free to bring along whatever toys you enjoy and show'em off and share'em with the guys.

What happens in the playroom?


How you participate in the party is entirely up to you: some guys dive right in and others just like to watch. Solos, pairs, threes, eights, twentys...Whatever turns you on is fine as long as you follow the basic guidelines (no cock-sucking, no anal anything).

Most guys are a little nervous at their first party, but with our average attendence of 30-50 hot, horny, friendly men who want to help you to have a good time, you'll be covered in lube and you'll have a cock in each hand, some guy is playing with your balls and two guys are taking turns stroking your prick, and this hot man just shot his load all over your chest're not nervous at all! Parties usually last about two hours, and are relaxed, friendly, and hot

Is it OK to bring poppers - uh - I mean, um, Room Odorizers to Jacks?

Yeah - if you think you might need to clean some video heads or odorize the room it's OK to bring one of those little glass bottles with you. We ask that you be considerate of others who might have health problems that make poppers dangerous, and that you be careful and PUT THE LID BACK WHEN YOU'RE NOT USING THEM - that shit is nasty if it spills. We also very much encourage you to educate yourself about the potential dangers of poppers; a lot of guys love them, but - as with many of life's pleasures - there can be problems. Here's a place to start: ask the batemaster

Is it OK for men who have Erectile Dysfunction or who can't ejaculate/cum to attend?

Absolutely! Jacks parties are All About Dick, but that doesn't mean all of the dicks have to be hard, or that they have to squirt cum. If you're not able to get a boner, or you only get a semi, it's probably good to be ready to let guys who play with your cock know that you have ED, and that can be as simple as "If you're wondering why me dick isn't getting (completely) hard - it's because I have Erectile Dysfunction, so; my cock doesn't get hard/as-hard, but what you're doing still feels great - please don't stop!".
If you don't ejaculate because of surgery or whatever it's the same basic idea. If you want it to be obvious to the man/men who you're playing with that you're cumming - even though they don't have the usual visual confirmation of that - then; come on, man - make some noise! We love noisy men, and we also love good communicators, so a simple "Oh... oh.. I'm coming!" at whatever volume you like is a great way to keep things moving along.
It's always good to be prepared to communicate clearly, and it's part of our mission to help men to feel more comfortable doing it. ED and non-ejaculation are nothing to be ashamed of - you deserve pleasure and The Jacks guys are ready to provide it.

What do men who've been to Phila. Jacks parties think of them - any reviews?

Click here to read an unsolicited review of one of our parties on the Solotouch Website - he loved it!

And here's a page of unsolicited reviews from men who've attended our parties.

And here's a quick one, from an email sent to us by a new-cummer after his first party:

"Visited last Tues. To be honest I didn't have high expectations but thought I'd give it a try. Boy was I ever wrong! I walked in and immediately felt comfortable. The Jacks staff were all very friendly and helpful. And the cocks! Everywhere you looked there was cock! The patrons were all friendly and everybody was more than willing to let me jerk them...I've had a fantasy of 10 or so guys jerking off on me and now it has become a reality! I went out of there with ten mens' cum on me...It was the hottest 3 hrs. I may have ever spent anywhere!"

Like anything else; Jacks parties are not for everyone, so you'll find a variety of opinions and experiences represented if you search around for reviews and accounts of our parties or of JO parties in general.
The best way to find out about jackoff parties is to come and try it out for yourself!

I am a woman (or I know a woman) who would love to come to Jacks - is that OK?

Sorry - we wish we could accomodate you, but Jacks is an all-male, penis-oriented, all-dick-all-the-time party.
A couple of other clubs - New York Jacks and San Francisco Jacks - tried Jack and Jill parties for a while and found there wasn't enough sustained interest from enough women for them to work in the long-run. While we do have plenty of bi and straight guys who come to the parties the majority of our men are gay and wouldn't be comfortable having women at the parties.

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