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The Philly Jacks

Volunteer with The Jacks- we can't run the club without your help!

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Be a Jacks party helper.
If we don't have a doorman we can't have a party, so this is our most pressing need. If you volunteer as doorman you have the option of participating for the rest of that party after the doors close, and of attending another party at no charge. Doorman duties are simple - mostly greeting guys and having them sign in, with the ocassional ID check for younger men. We can also always use help with the Clothes-check area and like to have two volunteers for each party just in case one volunteer has an emergency and can't make it. Please drop us an email if you can help out

Donate some PORN:
VIDEOS: We show three or four videos in the playroom during the parties and can always use some new smut. We don't ask for porn that follows the Jacks rules of conduct, but we won't show videos that include cum-eating or anal sex without condoms, so please preview any DVDs that you want to donate. You can bring them to party, or drop us an email and arrange to drop them off or mail them to us.

Help with the Jacks Space:
We can always use help with improving the space. We're always interested in improving our sound system and could use some equipment and expertise on that. We're open to any suggestions you might have for improving the space and the party experience and to any help you can offer.

Donate something on our Jacks Wish List:

•• An old laptop computer - if you have a laptop that still works well (Mac preferred because it's what we're used to, but we'll figure out a PC if it's what you have) we could use it as a music server to keep the mood music flowing during the parties.

•• BIG TVs - larger than the 24 inch sets we have now. Flat-screens only, please. Having an extra DVD player or twowould be great - we have enough right now, but they will die eventually.

•• Fixtures/appliances - getting rid of some perfectly good household Fixtures or appliances? Maybe we can use them - drop us a line and check in!

•• We need your old COTTON sheets! - If you've been to Jacks events you know that we us bed-sheets to cover the furniture. Our old supplier isn't coming through for us anymore, so we're reaching out to our Jacks buddies to help us to get some new old sheets. If you have any - preferably king-size, but queen is OK too - that are in reasonable condition we want'em! Patterned, fitted and flannel are fine - if we can't use'em we'll find a good home for them. You can send us an email, or just bring'em to a party - and know that they will be well-used and that hundreds of men will pleasure themselves and each other upon them.

Send an email if you have something to donate:

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